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Elena Belforte Giusi Rivoira

Architectural firm

About us

Formed in 1993 by Elena Belforte and Giusi Rivoira, Con3studio is located in the epicentre of Turin’s urban renewal: Regio Parco. Founded over 20 years ago, it is the City’s longest operating all-female firm. The name Con3studio – literally “with3studio” – was derived from the blending of the two principals and a third partner: the client. This definition wraps up our philosophy: by concentrating on our clients’ needs, we deliver solutions and create specific designs tailored to fit their needs while curating every detail thanks to our extensive experience. Our approach for each project stems from the soul of the site and promotes its relationship to the history or the uniqueness of the site itself, to then be moulded for the client based on their personality. Our strength lies in truly understanding the personality of the user and designing spaces suited for the people who occupy them. We have great experience in remodelling and the usage of both traditional and contemporary materials. By keeping an eye on the international architectural panorama and being up to date on the latest trends, we firmly hold onto principles of maintaining the originality and uniqueness of each project.


We operate in the residential and commercial area and we approach interior design by creating our own custom made designs. Con3studio offers global services thanks to the experience acquired in many years of practice. We specialize in residential design, from house hunting and assistance in home buying, to developing schematic designs, through construction and renovation, and including the furnishings. We handle various different projects in both size and environments. From the contemporary villa to the historic home; from small apartments – smart and minimalist – to those that are rich with character and colours. Whether the project budget is small or large does not matter: no project we design is taken for granted. We dedicate the same attention to all architectural and design themes because, above all else, our passion lies in the details. Con3studio collaborates with a wide network of professionals and businesses, providing individual consultations and “turnkey” services.

Construction and renovation

Con3studio has been operating for over 20 years with new construction projects (villas, offices, commercial buildings), many of which have been published nationally and internationally. The restoration of historical homes and the complete renovation of abandoned or highly degraded spaces is undoubtedly the area in which the firm is most active. Our projects take into account the original character and attributes of the building that are important to recover, however our goal is to consistently create original designs that are suitable to the client with great respect and attention paid to the budget. Building and renovating with appropriate and calculated expenditures is continuously accomplished in every project.

“Turnkey contracts”

The firm offers a full service covering all phases of a project: acquisition, renovation, interior design, furnishing, marketing, and maintenance of properties. We collaborate with a close and trustworthy network of consultants and suppliers that work together as an experienced team that allows us to provide our services internationally. We are able to offer our clients a finished product, down to the furniture, window treatments, textiles, linens and accessories. Thus the home is ready for immediate use. This option is perfect for second homes and for vacation homes, where this type of service is already widely used.

Interior and furniture design

In addition to new construction and renovations, con3studio produces numerous interior design plans for both residential and commercial spaces. Undoubtedly, interior design always necessitates an integration with other activities; a service which our office can manage well. We can offer individual consultations for selecting furniture, finishings, and decorations, or the complete design of spaces contemplating colour plans and material selections. We design state-of-the-art custom furnishings that are handmade by our specialized artisans with mastery of wood, glass, iron, and steel. Con3studio designs and sells its own line of furniture: Crop

Where we operate

Our main office is headquartered in Turin, however we operate in collaboration with professionals and local businesses in Liguria, Sardinia, France and Russia (Saint Petersburg). Part of the firm works exclusively on long-distance projects: a team formed by designers, suppliers, and contractors who constantly monitor our remote projects. Those who work on-site can always count on our office for specific support which can coordinate the operations. This allows us to service projects even at a far distance, thus guaranteeing the same attention and quality that we offer in Italy. In particular, we offer services with Italian contractors and artisans that work abroad for the entire term of the project. We export form Italy materials, furnishings, craftsmanship, and our technicians to help deliver a product that – not only the finishing touches – is 100% Italian. We are very proud to export the Italian style.

How we can help you

Before you purchase a house, be sure to call us before making an offer. We can help you identify the correct price, value risks, construction limits, and possible other issues. Often the importance of this consultation is underestimated; however it is the most important as it protects you from many risks, particularly financial ones. You may contact us for specific consultations or to manage the entire process – including a possible future sale – for which we can suggest the right selling price and the best channels.
Con3studio can assist you in real estate operations, even small ones, from the first site visit through completion. We are trusted professionals; our customers have been coming to us for many years because they know that they will receive the advice of an architect and of a friend.

Our partners

In 20 years in the industry we have created a network of partnerships with trusted experts that can contribute to the perfect realization of your project. We work with small, medium, and large construction companies to be able to successfully handle all your needs, as well as artisans, professionals, retailers. Some of the professionals with whom we work:

arch. Marina Patti, Giuliana Dorrucci – construction security and safety

arch. Paolo Morozzo – rendering and cadastre

ing. Andrea Basso, Andrea Cagni – facilities planning

ing. Antonio Ingegneri, Paolo Ruggieri- structural engineering

dott. Mauro Mulè – geologist

geom. Marco Bottino – cadastre

Real Estate operations

Con3studio is engaged, directly or on behalf of its clients, in searching for properties, renovating them and listing them on the market. The service is aimed both at individuals who want to invest in real estate and professionals in the field. These operations usually last about a year and do not require large amounts of capital, as we tailor our services to meet the needs of each investor. Our services consist of: Search and selection of the most valuable properties, preferably located in prime or expanding areas Property analysis and of any particular issues, both technical and legal Economic valuation of highest-yielding project scope, on which to then base the eventual offer Assistance in the negotiation and purchase of the property Planning and Design Project management Sales assistance using our dedicated channels and advertising on major websites


Our services


  • Appraisals and real estate estimates: Giusi Rivoira – Qualified consultant for the Banca del Piemonte
  • Property consultations and research
  • Onsite visits and surveys Technical and financial feasibility studies
  • Technical Regulations
  • Procedures for the acquisition of permits and licenses Cadestre
  • ACE (building energy certifications): Elena Belforte – certified expert for the Piedmont Region #100231
  • Construction security and safety


  • Architectural Conceptual and Design Development
  • Construction documents and architectural sheets
  • Architectural competitions
  • Renderings
  • Interior design
  • Custom-made furniture


  • Site Supervision
  • Project Management
  • Construction Safety and Security Management