Villa CP

Turin - 2013

© Foto: Livio Marrese

This 1970‘s villa in the Turin hills was originally formed by two units which were incorporated during the renovation to form a single home, thus completely changing the distribution and logic of its layout. The villa, which opens towards the garden and oversees the city, portrayed itself as unattractive architecture covered in exposed brick, typical of this construction period. We started by screening the exterior facades with wooden slats with the intent to give it a more contemporary look and to camouflage it with the park surrounding the building, not only for aesthetic purposes but also to meet rigid city and landscape regulations. Our main effort was dedicated to the design of the ground floor by the creation of a sequence of spaces dedicated to the living area which strongly dialogues with the garden and city view. For this reason we have built a very contemporary and open-plan with continuous relation towards the garden and windows with very narrow sills to minimize the obstruction outwards. The veranda, where the dining area is located, is formed by a glass box that reaches toward the green scenery, thus generating bright luminous effects that blend into the nature. We used few materials to create great uniformity, the same wood flooring throughout both floors, and one single wall finish and colour to emphasize the context as much as possible. Upstairs, the bedrooms where treated as suites, each with their own walkthrough closet and bathroom. The rooms have soft tones, natural colours, and materials, such as wood, light-coloured stone, fabrics. Once again, a spacious terrace underlines the relation with the outdoors. For this project we also carefully selected the furniture and lighting, and designed custom built-in pieces. The result was a well-studied and complete design, made of details and perspectives belonging to a greater picture. This created a coherent and continuous ideal, even the lighting – never blinding – but only for ambience. After sunset, the landscaping light fixtures invite you to pass the limit from indoor and outside.

Turin – 2013

Type of intervention: renovation

Property consultation, project, site management, interior design: con3studio architects Turin

Service project: Ing. A. Cagni

Building contractor: ADCostruzioni

floor area: 400 Sq. M.

Project Duration: circa 8 months


con3studio architects – residential renovation