Saint Petersburg

San Pietroburgo (RU) - 2015

In a newly built glass tower, the apartment overlooks the river-park, describing a very unique shell shaped layout of great visual impact. The project is inspired by natural materials and refers to the use of wood in traditional Nordic shipbuilding. The building, at the boundary between the river and the sea, reaches out to a white light of the rarefied horizon; typical of those latitudes. There was a need to warm the atmosphere by using natural, elegant and bright materials. We chose wood flooring with large sized oak parquet with a natural saw-cut finish. The walls are decorated in a plaster finish with horizontal striations. For the bathrooms, we chose Italian Pietra Dorada Sandstone with a delicate amber colour and Calacatta Oro marble. The chromatic continuity of the walls and floors highlight the luxurious details of the Murano chandeliers and the classic design pieces. The brilliant finishes of the entrance’s wall panelling help reflect the natural sunlight that filters throughout the great glass walls. All finishes and built-in furnishings are custom-made designs. The apartment was designed with very high technological equipment, very sophisticated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, the multi-room and all electrical systems are controlled by home automation and are monitored by tablets and smartphones. This is a con3studio project designed for Italian Group, which has been working in Russia for many years, creating luxury homes through “turnkey” contracts using exclusively Italian materials, technologies, and manpower.

St Petersburg (RU) – 2013/2015

Type of intervention: remodelling and furnishings

Project, site management, interior design: con3studio architects Turin

Floor area: 200 Sq. M.

Project Duration: circa 12 months

General Contractor: Italian Group

Building Contractor: Servetti Impresa

Woodworks: Francone Arredamenti


con3studio architects – Saint Petersburg apartment project